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Just as I was giving up hope I was introduced to a local gentleman who eight years prior received treatment through the IAT centre and is cancer free today.

It has been two years since I began my treatment with IAT.

I was told in the States that I would not live through the year without radical surgery and chemotherapy. I arrived in Freeport in April of 2002, after locating other Mesothelioma survivors who had gone through the IAT treatment.

After, one and a half years of being on the IAT treatment, I returned to the specialist who originally diagnosed the cancer.

She came to the IAT Clinic following extensive radiation.

Her prognosis was “terminal” by a well known head & neck surgeon in NYC.

My last 3 annual CT scans showed no growth of the cancer-hooray!

A week later my husband brought me from England, traveling in a wheelchair, to the Cancer Clinic in the Bahamas.Nous avons 40 femmes membres dans un rayon de 3 km autour de chez vous Ces femmes recherchent UNIQUEMENT des rapports sexuels occasionnels. Joan was diagnosed in April, 1979, after her salivary gland was excised.I am 74 years old and cancer does not scare me any more.Thank God for my own immune system and the treatment that I am presently taking.”“I made the decision to come to the IAT Centre because the treatments offered to me by the Mesothelioma specialists were not at all promising.

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I feel the combination of the treatment, my faith and the patient camaraderie is responsible for my survival of this almost always fatal disease.

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